Adult Education

ABC (Adult Bible Class)

A multi generational class devoted to study of the scriptures and historical context of God's Word. Teaching is done on a rotating volunteer basis, and lessons alternate between Old and New Testaments. The diverse religious backgrounds and life experiences of class members make this a lively discussion class.

Adult Bible Class group photo

ACTS (Adults Committed to Scripture)

Bible study based on a structured curriculum and open discussion. We strive to uplift one another, the Church and the community through love, encouragement and prayer. We welcome all ages, single and married.

group photo of adults in class

Cornerstone Class

Co-educational Class of mature adults who enjoy lively singing, Christian fellowship, and exposition of the Scripture. We use the International Lessons Series as a basis for study.

Cornerstone Class group photo


GNG (Good News Group)

This "Good News Group" is a friendly, inquiring discussion-oriented class which shares leadership in teaching and which uses a variety of resources studying the Bible and looking at current life issues.

Good News Group portrait



As seekers we are a dynamic, diverse group on a common journey to become stronger Christians. We seek to develop close relationships, support each other and grow in Christian faith through Bible study and interactive discussions. We serve as a port for members and visitors, and as ambassadors of First Christian Church in our community. Membership covers a wide variety of ages.

Seekers group photo


Visions Class

We are a multi-aged group who explore the Bible and God's plan for us through readingand studing biblically based books by various authors. Class features open discussion and reflection on life lessons.  We invite all to come join us in our journey to know God better. 

Visions Class group photo

Sojourners (Formally Known As The Unit)

A class oriented towards spiritual growth and increased knowledge of the Bible; we try to find meaningful and impactful ways to connect our faith to the 21st Century. Our materials are: topical, books of the Bible. We welcome a diversity of views and love engaging in discussion.  We believe that we are on a journey together from one place to another.