From serving others, to building Christian community, to providing special music for the worship services, young people are leaders in the ministry of this congregation. We hope you will find opportunities for fun and fellowship as well as service and worship in our church. God blesses each of us with special gifts of ministry. Like Timothy, we are encouraged to use our gifts to spread God's message of love and hope to our community and the rest of the world. We invite you to share your gifts at this time and this place to make a difference.   If you have any questions contact Rev. Evan at

CYF (Christian Youth Fellowship)

CYF is for youth in grades 9-12. These young people meet every Sunday evening (Starting September 10) @ 5pm for fellowship and discussion, service activities, or special events. They have many other special activities throughout the year such as Northeast Area Youth Events and other events like service projects.



Chi-Rho is for youth grades 6-8. Chi and Rho are the first two letters of the word "Christ" in Greek and are used to describe this group because these youth are just beginning a deeper relationship with Jesus at this time in their lives. Chi-Rho also meets every Sunday starting September 10 @ 5pm. Their special activities include: service projects Chi-Rho Camp, Fall Rally, and a mystery trip.


JYF (Junior youth Fellowship)

JYF is for children in grades 4-5. These young people meet many times throughout the year for fellowship, games, and discussion. Also included in their schedule are service activities and special events such as Junior Camp. Contact Lyn for more information. 



Read the Psalms in 30 Days

Click here to download.  Each day has a day and evening reading. The plan is se up so that you can hold the grid in half to have with your Bible.

Starting is easy! Start with the day that corresponds with the date. For example, if today is February 21, you will read the Psalms listed in the "Day 21" grid. For months have 31 days you have the option to read "Day 30' again or read "Day 1" on the 31st and the 1st.  Don't just read the Psalms just to check them off your list, but use this erading plan as a time of reflection and prayer.
The Psalms are full of great prayers and calls to God; throughout the book the Psalmist goes through a myriad of emotions (much like we do).
I hope that this reading plan will enrich your reading of the Bible.

2017 Youth Waiver Form

Click here to download the Youth Waiver Form.

Click here to download the Adult Waiver Form